Company Profile

Hangzhou Fuyang Taiyuan Refractory Products Factory is located on the Fuchun River in the outskirts of Hangzhou, the hometown of Sun Quan, a famous historical city in the south of the Yangtze River - Fuyang, Hangzhou. Founded in 1994, the company specializes in producing refractories for Al-Cu-Zn melting and casting. Among them, the application of aluminum, copper and zinc in casting is the key point. Production equipment and production technology are very advanced, and the products sell well at home and abroad.
Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the "pursuit of excellence, sincere service" business purpose, adhere to the "sincere, letter to the distant" business philosophy. With the joint efforts of the company's leaders and employees, the products are advanced in technology and stable in quality, which are well received by the vast number of users.
The main products are: aluminium silicate jacket series, aluminium silicate cardboard series, ceramic fiber paper (blanket) series, insulating riser series, aluminium melt filter material series, amorphous refractory hard products series, cast iron cone series, aluminium slag remover series, etc.